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You scored as 1st Doctor. Grumpy, proud, but realy just an old softy. Inteligence is no barrier to you.


1st Doctor


2nd doctor


4th Doctor


7th Doctor


8th Doctor


10th Doctor


9th Doctor


a Dalek


3rd doctor


5th Doctor


6th doctor




What Doctor Who character are You?
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Well, of course. One is My Doctor (meaning the incarnation that was featuring when I first started watching DW properly. I can remember watching Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy on tv when I was little, but not the storylines), and even dishy David Tennant and his portrayal of Ten isn't going to stop One from being my favourite and the one I identify with best. Because I'm a grumpy old man in a twentysomething woman's body, really.

Why do I not have a One icon?! I must rectify that, and soon.

Speaking of DW, I need to download the Idiot's Lantern, but my broadband is nearly ded from exceeding limit. Might have to wait a few days and then take care of it. In any event, I'm not indulging in any new series until I finish the essay that's due on Thursday.

*sigh* X3 was kind of disappointing, and not just because Nightcrawler wasn't in it. I've already talked this over in detail with moony_girl13, but basically the Phoenix plotline was poorly executed, character development was nil compared to the first two films and there are numerous other spoilery things that I won't mention here that I was rather pissed off about. Did like Kelsey Grammer as Beast though. And Archangel was so pretty, even if he only had about ten minutes' screentime. There were a few saving graces, but unlike X2, I'm not sure I'll go out to see this again. I'm not even sure I'll buy it on dvd. :/
Right. Time for more assignment work.

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