Steph (normandie_m) wrote,

Real Estate agents calling at this hour to ask if you're considering selling your property. Seriously, wtf?

Wow, between Rose and the Cybermen, there was some serious emo going on in this episode. Almost a little too much. I didn't mind the emo!Cybermen, but Rose's moping over her dad is starting to get tired. Pete Tyler has made two appearances, and I think that's probably enough. They've exhausted the avenues for that particular relationship.

Chav!Jackie back at the end yaaaaaay! Horrid pink tracksuit and all.

Mickey's development as a character over the two series has been extremely well done by all the writers. I'm sorry that he's been written out, but I expect we'll see him again. It occured to me that Mickey would probably do very well as a character in Torchwood. In any event, they left him in a good place, specifically off for a dirty adventure weekend in Paris with his bizarro counterpart's boyfriend. Woot!

The Cyber-Controller and his cyber-wheelchair were awesome. And we all know that he'll probably come back, or another will take his place. After all, they're supposed to be turning up in the final two-parter. Along with Davros and Captain Jack.

I still think 'Girl in the Fireplace' was the best episode of the season (with 'School Reunion' a close second). It was great to see the Cybermen back in some form (on a related note, loved that the Doctor acknowledged that these Cybermen were specific to this universe), but I wouldn't have minded if more was done with them. And like every other fan, I'm going to complain about the severe lack of PLANETS OTHER THAN EARTH. Back in time, forward in time. How about same time, different planet?

I am looking forward to next week's episode though. Namely for the Ten on a Vespa with aviator sunglasses. HOT.

I'm supposed to be working on an assignment or two. But it's freezing cold and I think I'm going to sit in front of the air conditioning vents for a while and warm up. Maybe I'll take my textbooks with me. ;p
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