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Yet more tv fangirl talk

Ah, just saw a promo for Jericho on the ABC, and my fangirl heart leapt for joy. I was just watching Robert Lindsay in 'Hornblower: The Even Chance' yesterday afternoon (ahhh, gotta love the navy uniforms and obvious angsty!love of Horatio and Archie). It will be good to see him in a drama again! And particularly a crime drama.

I am sadly plowing through Robert Graves' 'King Jesus' at the moment for my next religion assignment. It is sloooow going, but I am past the halfway point and think I can get it finished by this coming Wednesday. And after that, I have Casanova's memoirs awaiting me. It took Borders four months to get it in, so I hope it is worth the wait!

Went out with Amy yesterday and spent a little bit of money at the valley markets (severa, you may expect a little package in the mail in a couple of weeks. :)). Scarab are closing for good next week, so I'll probably quickly pop in there on Thursday or Friday to see if there's anything there that tickles my fancy before it disappears completely. Also, I am booking flights for the Rome trip this week, despite there not being a December 2006 graduation schedule for UQ yet. *grumbles*

I've always thought the Cybermen were a bit scarier than the Daleks in terms of Who villains. For me, it's because they had no emotion and that they were once humanoids that seemed to make them all the more frightening. And let's not forget that they can reduce one's hands to bloody pulps...

Anyway. This is a two-parter, so I probably should've waited to see the next part before reviewing, but so far, this is enjoyable, though not quite the best episode of the second series. I kind of miss the Old School look, but these Cybermen are just as scary as the old ones (jury's still out on the voice though). What I object to is John Lumic. Parallel universe and all that, but having the creator of the Cybermen as a cripple disappoints me, as it's been done with Davros. I expect that if they bring Davros back now, it won't be in a wheelchair. That said, it is fun to see Roger Lloyd Pack as a particularly nasty villain and he plays the part well.

<3 Mickey. Huzzah for character development!

Oh, and obviously....the Doctor in a tux. *stares* I was waiting for David Tennant to break into his Scottish accent and call Rose 'Moneypenny'! Serving the champagne my foot, he should've been there with the martini (shaken, not stirred of course)! And there was also Don Warrington, playing a quite different role to the one he did in Manchild. Though now he ded from Cyberman. :(

Can't wait for part will the Doctor save the day?

And finally, I have to say I've really enjoyed how Strauss' Vienna waltzes have been used in the Alan Clark Diaries, since the final episode's showing tonight. John Hurt was wonderful too, one of his best performances right there.

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