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I should've guessed. Channel nine are chopping scenes from Hotel Babylon in order to squeeze it into the timeslot. Bastards! Having re-watched the first two in full now, there's a few things that are cleared up that make no sense at all in the edited shows.

Haven't watched The Girl in the Fireplace yet, but I've already seen the wank it's generating. Ah, Doctor Who is Serious Business, people! Once I find a torrent that actually works, it will on top of my viewing list. Twice, because it's Steven Moffat and David Tennant and Sophia Myles doing a Tom/Lalla seems like that good a viewing.

Libby, quite by chance I managed to see De-Lovely on cable Friday night (decided to give Rebus a miss, Ken Stott just isn't as good as John Hannah imho). John Barrowman was lovely and I must admit outright, outstandingly handsome. I just don't know how he managed to stay under the radar until Doctor Who! Gorgeous, gorgeous man.

Real Life is quiet for the moment. I began my next two due assignments, and I'll start on the next block of Latin on Tuesday at work. On Saturday I went to the celebrations at Southbank that were being held in honour of Buddha's birthday with Amy. As a late birthday present, she gave me a bit of money to spend, and I ended up buying a jade pendant from one of the stalls. Going by the price ($20), I'm rather certain it's not the real thing, but the stone is still a gorgeous shade of green and I'll wear it anyway.

Bah, I'm getting tired of my journal's colour scheme. Time to make up a new one, I think.

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