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The reunion of Old School and New School

Because it very well is, isn't it?

Bringing back Sarah-Jane was one of the best ideas yet for several reasons. Namely, to demonstrate to Rose that she's not an extra-special girlfriend companion that he made an exception for in letting her travel with him. Still, I wonder if Ten's going to tell Rose about any more of his old girlfriends and boyfriends companions. And also the notion of what happens to a companion after they leave the Doctor. Poor Sarah, but she and Ten were clearly all over each other so sweet together. And he said goodbye! And left her a new K-9!

More K-9 might have been good, but he can be annoying in large doses, so Toby Whitehouse was probably being safe. Anthony Stewart Head was magnificent, in a hammy sort of way. However....WHY ISN'T HE THE MASTER, DAMMIT?! Because he and Tennant had chemistry liek whoa.

On one of the DW communities on lj, someone suggested that the Face of Boe's message to the Doctor was 'You are not alone'. Which is clearly for teh win IMHO, because then RTD could bring back Romana who is obviously the Doctor's One True Love, if there is one. And the Master. And the Rani. More Time Lords, I say! Let's see the Doctor meet some old friends and foes from his own planet. Also, more stories on other planets would be nice, but I don't mind all these Earth-based ones. Kind of like Nine/Ten have been in exile the way Three was, without the actual banishment from Gallifrey. Is Torchwood the new UNIT, even (and yes, I know this question's been asked a frillion times)?

In conclusion? Best episode since TCI, in my estimation. There was the right balance of angst and a few truths made clear. And there was K-9. Next week, Ten gets it on with Madame De Pompadour. And yet again, we realize that Rose isn't the Extra-Special girlfriend true love of his life companion.

Off to Latin soon. And then rewatching School Reunion with Libby! Possibly followed by more Hotel Babylon, since Toby Whitehouse wrote an episode of that too. :D

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