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Name ten of life's simple pleasures that you like most, then pick ten people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used.

1. My iPod. I like having music to listen to with me all the time. Carrying a discman around was a bit cumbersome, so I'm glad I have my iPod. It's my squishy.

2. I'm sure a lot people will put this on their list, but....reading. I love reading, and probably spend more money on books than on anything else. Reading takes me elsewhere, out of my life and into someone else's.

3. Tea. Best thing about the cold months is drinking tea. Plus, my older sister brought mum a tea set the last time she was here from Dubai and since she doesn't drink it, I plan on making very good use of it. :)

4. A feeling of accomplishment. I came home from university on Wednesday after handing my assignments in and just enjoyed the little surge of joy that I'd managed to type three and a half thousand words in the space of a week. That sort of feeling doesn't last long, because there's usually more assignments to come, but I enjoy it while I can.

5. Another cliche, but....being on my own. I tend to be a bit of a loner by nature and before a lecture, I like being able to sit down and read over lecture material or have something to eat.

6. Coffee after Latin. Not that I actually drink coffee (I'm more likely to have a chai latte or something that isn't actually coffee), but Latin is the last class of the week and I like being able to wind down with my friends. I don't usually talk much, but I like listening the conversations going on and that general feeling of 'thank God it's Friday'.

7. Time-wasting games. Sudoku, desktop Mah-Jong, Spider Solitaire, Minesweeper....I have an awful addiction to these games, but they're still great time-wasters, if you ask me. At the very least, sudoku exercises my brain a little. ;p

8. Science fiction. If you couldn't tell already, I have a great love for Doctor Who. Similar story for Firefly and Star Wars. War of the Worlds by HG Welles is one of my very favourite books. I like watching/reading about other worlds in the galaxy or universe, as it were.

9. And on a related note, stargazing. Possibly another boring one, but when I think if I hadn't been so terrible at maths or science, I would have considered being an astronomer as a career. It's fascinating work. But as it is, I enjoy making out what constellations I can with the appalling light pollution in Brisbane.

10. Making lj icons. Come on, they're so pretty. There's so much to toy around with. Pictures, fonts, brushes, textures, animations, etc. I'm a creative person, so I really enjoy doing that when I can.

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Now that's done...

I didn't like this one as much as New Earth. Rose and the Doctor's....flippancy (though hubris is probably a better word) is kind of bothering me. The whole 'OMG We were banished by Queen Victoria LOL' didn't really sit well. If the spoilers are right though, apparently they get taken down a notch or two in an upcoming episode. I look forward to seeing it.

That said, I liked the story. Werewolves always guarantee fun for the whole family, along with nutty monks and a big-ass diamond. Even though the head crazy monk wasn't speaking Latin right. Lupus deus est? The wolf is God? Deus should be in the accusative case. Alright, it's such a small quibble but I'm a LATIN STUDENT and have every right to be kind of annoyed. Get it right!

Best moment? "Doctor James McCrimmon of Balmory". OMGJAMIE! He and his kilt are missed, but yay the old school reference! Also was mildly amused because Doctor Jamie from No Angels turned up to play the poor head of the household.

Anyway, next episode is the main source of fandom excitement at the moment because there is Sarah Jane and K9 and Anthony Head playing the headmaster (hey, I can dream about the last one, can't I?). Fun for everyone right there, and no doubt will cause major explosions in the fandom between the old school and new school fans. Can't wait!

On a final note, UKTV are showing This Life starting next month! *dances* young!Jack Davenport and Andrew Lincoln! The fangirl joy does not stop in this household, not at all.

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