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Save for Saturday, I've been working solidly on my two essays for the past week or so (save for the hour on Monday night I took to watch Hotel Babylon). And it all paid off. I was so relieved when I handed them in last, a reprieve! It's a little over a month until I have another essay to hand in. There's only Latin to worry about now, at least for the moment.

Ah, Saturday. I don't miss Toowoomba, but I do miss the people I know there and it was a real privilege to see Amy and Julie graduate. Afterwards, we went and had lunch at an Italian restaurant and then I did a little jewellery shopping with Julie and ended up seeing the house she shares with her boyfriend. I did sacrifice a day that I could have spent writing assignments, but it was well worth it.

Also, I'll be able to watch the new Doctor Who ep with a lack of guilt. And that's always a good thing.

Just checked the draft timetable for exam block. Ancient history is on the 14th. AT EIGHT IN THE MORNING. WHY? I hope that it changes. And where is Latin? Not that I'd mind if we had an in-class exam or anything...

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