August 19th, 2010


A bit of a John Hannah squee post, frankly.

So, Spartacus: Blood and Sand. John Hannah makes a very sexy Roman, definitely not disappointed on that front. But I'm pretty torn on it otherwise.

It's probably been said already, but episode one really felt like a poor imitation of 300, with the stylized backgrounds and fight scenes and slo-mo sexing between Spartacus and Sura. The CGI was awful too- the establishing shots of Capua and the luda were primitive, considering all the technology available. Liked episode two a lot more- John Hannah (I was quite amused that he was using an English accent in the first episode and then by episode two it'd become vaguely Scottish in the pronunciation) and Lucy Lawless are pretty awesome together as Batiatus and Lucretia. Not really feeling the other characters just yet. And yes, rife with inaccuracies, but I can't be bothered with complaining about them right now...I have bigger fish to fry... Channel 9, for censoring the episode pretty badly. The sex and fight scenes got chopped up (pretty sure I missed out on more of shirtless John Hannah- I AM DISAPPOINT). And the usual crappy overdubbing: one of the Thracian soldiers was supposed to be saying 'Fuck the fucking Romans' and instead it was changed to 'Frick the fricking Romans'. *FACEPALM* The show is rated MA and was accordingly screened at 9:30pm- so why does it still need to be censored?

I would like to keep watching, but I hate watching shows that have been so obviously cut down- maybe I'll just wait for the DVD- it's out in the US next month. :/
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