August 12th, 2010


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At long last, we're getting the Spartacus prequel! Channel 9 is broadcasting it on its digital channel Go!- I am hoping that this means we'll get the whole series without any scheduling fuckery like there was with Rome, since ratings aren't really in consideration for the digital channels just yet (half the programming on Go! is various sitcom reruns and shows that were cancelled but Channel 9 had to broadcast because they scored the screening rights).

In celebration of this unusually wise programming decision by a free-to-air channel, let's all pause for a moment and enjoy John Hannah in a toga.

Not going in with great expectations, but between Hannah and the always-fierce Lucy Lawless (and without even seeing the show, I'm sure she's going to be HBIC), I'm optimistic.

Without giving anything away about the Sherlock finale? FFFFFFFFFFFF.....I can't even finish that, I am so amazingly frustrated and gleeful at the same time. AND WE DON'T EVEN GET A CHRISTMAS SPECIAL TO SEE US THROUGH THE WILDERNESS. Also, Collapse )

On weekend's recommendation, I'm going to give Tom Hollander's series 'Rev' a go next. He looks so wee and cute, and the concept (the trials and tribulations of an Anglican priest) reminds me a bit of the Barchester Chronicles. Looking forward to it!