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Thankyou to everybody who sent birthday wishes my way. I had exactly the sort of birthday I wanted: one with minimal fuss. After the dinner on Wednesday night, the next day I did my Latin homework at work in the morning, went to the gym and then in the afternoon, mum and I went shopping in the Valley. We looked at some jade in one of the jewellery thinks he might be able to get it cheaper in Singapore. If I wasn't saving up for Rome, I think I would've bought this one pretty little necklace in the window though. Must think of the cameo factories in Sorrento...

I did get a gorgeous vintage kimono jacket at Made in Japan though, and I had dinner with my parents at Picasso's in the city. Suzanne had flowers, champagne and chocolates delivered to me as well, which was quite an unexpected surprise. I have obviously underestimated how significant turning 21 is!

I would ramble more, but I am retiring earlier than usual tonight. Amy and Julie's graduation ceremony is in Toowoomba tomorrow, and I have to take a bus at 6:30 in the morning to get there in time for it! I'm glad this'll probably be the one and only time I'll be doing this, but it will be excellent to see everyone there again. I didn't see Julie for nearly as long enough as I should've at Amy's 21st, so there will be much conversation and catching up to do.

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