December 23rd, 2007


The Wind in the Willows sang softly to me...

Maybe it's a little silly to get so attached to one book, but watching that adaptation felt like reliving a small slice of my childhood. The Wind in the Willows was one of the first books I read on my own. Admittedly some of the finer details of the book went over my head at such a young age, but then I took another look at it when I was a bit older (I ended up using it for an assignment in English Extension in my senior year) and found I still loved it a lot, and that it's the sort of work that you can read at any age and enjoy.

And this adaptation of it was perfect. I felt a bit like a child again, watching it. It was all so exciting, seeing the story brought to life. Every character was cast perfectly. Mark Gatiss' Ratty was my favourite, though I loved all of them. Everything looked exactly right too. Loved the Dormouse children, loved Toad Hall and Badger's den. LOVED Mole and Ratty sailing up the river in the moonlight and sighting the spirit of the wood. Loved all of it!

Very enjoyable evening, all up. It will be all systems go tomorrow evening. It was appallingly humid in the cathedral this morning, and I'm dreading what it'll be like for the Christmas eve masses tomorrow. That I'm yet again serving on the 6pm mass doesn't make things easier. It is unofficially known as the children's mass, because that's the one that most parents will take their small children/babies to- the celebrating priest will even tailor his homily for the kids. Which means there will be small children running all over the place. Not that I mind small children particularly, but I always dread having an accident at that mass with the large number of kids who gravitate to the altar to look around/sit on the steps. Oh, well. I always enjoy serving that mass in the end.
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