September 17th, 2007

Omnes arx vestri

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Had big discussion with Rick about my first draft. He termed it 'good', something I'm rather content with, considering that it's the first draft.

Among the feedback comments: I need to balance out the descriptive narrative with further analysis, and apparently I need to be clearer on how Pontius Pilate and his relationship with the Jews is characterized in the New Testament gospels. Also, I need to be more cynical. That meaning that I'm overly reliant upon Josephus as the only comprehensive and extant source on Jewish history for the time period I'm looking at and that I should distance myself from taking his word as fact. Which I don't, but haven't made clear enough in the paper. Easily fixed!

I nearly started watching series two of Rome on Saturday via TV Links. Then changed my mind because watching it streaming was just too much of a bother. Will download it instead and watch without the interruption of buffering.

I was going to write a little on the Emmys, but I don't have much to say about it, other than Collapse )

Wondering what else I can do in Melbourne besides football and seeing family. Probably much loitering about the bookshops and clothing stores. I'm hoping to find the complete works of Josephus (Antiquities, Wars and Against Apion) in one volume, so I can stop having to borrow them from the library. Worse comes to worse, I'll resort to Amazon, but maybe I'll strike it lucky down south.

And if I can't think of anything else to pass the time...

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As far as Victorian Tourism ads go, that one wins every time. Run rabbit run rabbit run run run...
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