September 1st, 2007


TV Reviews/Books

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Are we up to episode ten of DW already? Damn, only three more weeks of Who after this. :/

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Utopia next week. Wheeeeee! A bit miffed to see that Ten has split the Torchwood finale into two seperate episodes though. Might download End of Days this week instead of waiting for it to screen so I can see Jack transition from Torchwood to Who.

In non-telly news, Alan Alda's new book is being shipped to me as I write this. They've sent it a few days before the actual release date too. Yay! Something to take with me to read on the plane to Melbourne for the AFL Grand Final. Yes, we might be going! Though St Kilda won't be playing in it after last night's game between the Magpies and the Crows (reasons to do with getting into the top eight in the ladder, you see). Damn you, Collingwood! The one night we want you to win and you lose. -_-; Still, going to Melbourne for five days is fantastic. Every time I've visited I've enjoyed myself.

Anyway, back on books. Hoping sincerely that the release date for Hugh Laurie's next novel doesn't change, since it's now less than a month away. I've been reliably informed that the 'Paper Soldier' page has been on Amazon for over two years and the release date has changed several times. Still, if that doesn't get shipped, at least Stephen Colbert's book should be coming around the same time. I'm rather hoping that I'll be able to have time for some recreational reading in between my New Testament Greek classes in summer semester and thesis preparation. I desperately need to break a little from all the New Testament/Church Fathers/NT scholarship I've been reading. And Laurie and Colbert would certainly do that. :D
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