June 6th, 2007


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This is obviously the icon I should've found before I made the trivia night post. I want to add 'Scumbag College' to my list of schools (like how some people have Hogwarts in theirs). Maybe later. XD

LJ, for some reason, is acting up terribly. The update page didn't load the first time, and now it's just the bare essentials with no formatting. Guess the effects of Strikeout '07 are still in force. ;p

Not a lot to report presently. It's very strange to be in study week and not have any exams to study for. I'm mainly modifying my thesis proposal at the moment, figuring out what feedback from my peers is worth utilizing. Rick seems to think I'll finish the semester with a 6 (and certainly, my methodology essay and annotated bibliography had excellent results), though I'm not going to take his word as gospel. My proposal is worth 50% and I'm not going to bank on it being a masterpiece with no errors whatsoever.

I went to Tom's talk the other day with Libby, Daniel and Michael. He talked about the father/son relationship in the late republic/early empire, and it was all very interesting. I'm still rather disappointed that I missed out on an earlier postgrad talk about Revelation, but in light of the past few weeks, I just wasn't able to get there.

REG was on the First Tuesday Book Club last night (I am still steadfastly lamenting that I couldn't go down to Sydney and see him at the Writer's Festival- I was giving my thesis proposal presentation at the time. ;p), where he discussed his favourite book: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Who would've thought of that as his favourite book? It was a brilliant discussion. If/when he directs another movie, he needs to come down here again. REG in Australia = Good Thing.

And now, back to work.
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