March 26th, 2007

Lucius Malfoy has auctoritas

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I was going to recap Hotel Babylon tonight, but I don't have the energy and decided that watching the Stewart and Colbert hour seemed like a much more relaxing thing to do. Which it was.

I didn't really need to update, but I could not contain my fangirl joy at the fact that Jason Isaacs' series Brotherhood is going to be screening on Showtime for all of next month. I've waited ages for this show and at last we're getting it. Yay!

Also.....Judi, where are you? I'm half tempted to use that 'nudge' function, but as I know I'd find it irritating if someone did it to me, I'm not. But is the Latin going? Are the classics people down there bizarro versions of us? And most importantly, you do miss us, right?!
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