March 14th, 2007


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It's rare that I go nearly a week without updating, but there you go. The life of an honours student is not interesting, particularly if they're working in a TAFE bookshop. Dad has put me in charge of organzing TAFE library orders though, which is fun just for being able to look for researching obscure little books/dvds/videos on the internet and then order them.

I spent this evening alternately getting pissed at iTunes for not recognizing my iPod (finally got it to work though, huzzah!) and putting the final polish on my first little assignment for research methodology, a one page outline of my thesis topic. Rick sent me back one of my drafts with some minor corrections, but I can't see them. Either they're minor enough for me not to notice, or MS Word is playing up too. Either way, he had suggestions in his e-mail reply that I'll take on board for it. The stupid thing is that this assessment isn't weighted at all (that's right, 0%), but I still need to hand it in and have copies for all my classmates so they can read it and vice versa. Was good to write down a slightly more detailed version of my topic though, beyond the two or three sentences I wrote for the proposal form.

Have been faced with the minor moral dilemma that Holy Thursday falls on the same day that the football team I support, St Kilda, is coming to the Gabba to go up against the Brisbane Lions. This is a dilemma largely because the big mass at the cathedral for Holy Thursday is in the evening, as is the match. I fear that the match will probably win out, and I'll try and get to another mass that's during the day. Fortunately, I'm not the only altar server in this position, as the cherubic nine year-old boy I'm training with Brendan presently is also a Saints supporter and is going to the game too. The Saints need all the support they can get, believe me. ;p

Anyway, back to it. Libby, if you're reading this, I'm guessing lunch is all systems go tomorrow? In any event, I'll head to the museum after my meeting with Rick. I need to give you that disc with 'Who do you think you are?' on it.
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