March 5th, 2007

Senator Gracchus

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Amy has somehow conned me into seeing The 300 with her when it comes out. Ancient Greek history has never been my strong suit (I find it all a bit difficult to follow, really, with the city-states and wars. At least with Rome you've got the one republic/empire for most of the time!), but Gerard Butler fangirl Amy needs someone with classical interests to see it with.

I don't suppose you'd want to see it, Libby? It's just like Troy, only less fictional, more violence and gore and more nearly naked men (including our David Wenham, woot) and Persians. Something for the Classics and Ancient History Society to consider for a movie night, maybe? Btw, David Tennant's episode of 'Who do you think you are?' is on UKTV this week. Do you want me to record it onto disc for you?

Saw the Illusionist with aforementioned Amy yesterday, even though I'd already seen it twice on the flight home from Dubai. Looks better on the big screen anyway. More Ed Norton to admire.

Hotel Babylon recap tomorrow night. Really didn't find too much to screencap though. Will re-watch it tomorrow and see what is screencap-worthy.
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