December 23rd, 2006


Present for lillibetpip

Because I promised icons for your journal.

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You can find instructions for uploading here (it's fairly simple dear, so you shouldn't have any problems).

The Daniel Craig one is a concession: I had my doubts, but his performance as Bond was a revelation and I think he was perfect casting (not to mention I am so much more appreciative now of his looks and those unnaturally blue eyes). If you're wondering where that last icon of Toby Stephens is from, he's playing a bit part in a documentary on London. And who is he playing? I'll give you a hint: David Tennant and Peter O'Toole have both played this guy. ;D

In other news, the press kit for series two of Hotel Babylon is on the BBC site (And dives, Dexter Fletcher is looking good...check out those publicity shots!). I'm not sure if I can wait for channel nine to air it...I may have to find another way of getting it. That and Life on Mars, which I'm convinced is not going be shown anywhere here after much waiting, unless it shows up on cable's UK channel (sigh).
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