December 2nd, 2006

The Egyptologist

Back in one piece....

....but I feel like death warmed up. The final leg from Singapore to Brisbane was terrible. Felt horribly queazy for a while there, sick enough not to eat anything (lest there be an embarrassing scene with sick bags), and I just know that the jetlag is going to be horrendous. Oh, well. Just as long as it's coming tomorrow and I'm not nodding off at the graduation ceremony.

I should also mentioned here that I did send postcards (most of them I sent two, three days before I left Rome for Dubai).....whether or not they'll arrive at their destination is a different matter entirely. I'm told the Italian postal system is notoriously faulty.

I will probably post the first chunk of pictures a bit later. Looking at the photos on my camera, I kind of wish I had smuggled Judi in my luggage or at least nicked her amazing camera to take photos. That said, a lot of museums and churches did not allow photography (and rightfully so, for the preservation of artwork like frescoes), but I still got a fair few.

All that coming soon....
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