August 31st, 2006


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Saw the adviser today, at last. No graduation problems at all! RELN2406 was included in the 2004 (the year I started at UQ) course catalogue, so it's all good. So, all I have to worry about is passing this semester's courses now. Woot!

Saw Snakes on a Plane with Judi last night on the big IMAX screen at Southbank. Ah, t'was a great filmgoing experience. Samuel L. Jackson pwned all, human and reptile alike. And while Libby didn't come, I'm kind of glad, because I'm quite certain that she'd have to be carted off to hospital after the first ten minutes of snakes attacking the passengers in gruesome/funny ways, the poor dear.

Yes, that should tell you that if you have an aversion to snakes (which I don't, really), then don't see this film. Avoid it in the way I avoid Arachnaphobia because of my irrational fear of spiders!

(Ah, excellent. The West Wing returns in November. Not a long wait at all for Alan Alda!)

I can't watch Doctor Who tomorrow night, as St. Kilda are up here to play the Brisbane Lions in the last game before the finals this year. So, The Impossible Planet is getting taped tomorrow night, and I'm off to watch the Saints come marching in (and perhaps beating the Lions too, which always brings out great glee in me).

And so back to the museum report. *opens up MS Word*
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