February 18th, 2006


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I don't know why, but our phoneline has somehow become screwed up so that there's static crackling when the receiver is picked up. And our internet has also been sporadically working and not working. *shakes fist* Work, damn you. Telstra is apparently coming on Tuesday to fix things up, but in the meantime, I shall have to put up with the misbehaving phoneline.

David Walliams and Matt Lucas are hilarious. If you're Aussie and reading this right now, tune into the ABC. Pure gold. And the third series of Little Britain starts on Wednesday night. While House is on, mind you, but if you have the luxury of a VCR, it shouldn't be a problem. :)

Borders can't keep track of what they have in stock. I was after 'Galileo's Daughter' (since I enjoyed 'Longitude' by the same author so much), and they were supposed to have two in stock, but the five or so employees that ended up searching for it couldn't find it anywhere and I was told that they must have been stolen (though I do sympathize, knowing how hard it is to locate books in a shop that's only got one floor)! But it didn't matter, because I found 'A Teaspoon and an Open Mind: The science of Doctor Who' and decided that would make up. Got the last copy of 'The Last Chronicle of Barset' too, though I won't read that until I've read the other three books in the Barchester Chronicles that I haven't read yet.

Family reunion tomorrow on the coast. Potentially destructive nieces and nephews everywhere, but I will happily get to see my older sister again. Good times to be had!

Edit: Also worth mentioning....they're reviving Monkey(thanks to catdraco for the link)! I loved this show when it was on the ABC. Don't know if I could enjoy the revival though, considering that the 70s special effects and bad dubbing was part of what made it so much fun (not to mention the debate over whether Tripitaka was a boy or a girl. Oh, the confusion!).
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