January 21st, 2006


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Work has been exhausting, what with all the lifting of boxes and being on my feet most of the day. TAFE students start the new semester on the 30th, and for three weeks from then, I'm going to be battling boredom at Ithaca. Think of the money, think of the money...

Aforementioned money is supposed to be going towards my end-of-year trip to Italy. When my older sister flies in from Dubai next month I'm supposed to give her a definite idea of dates. Currently, the plan is to go in the two weeks between the end of exam block in November (on the 18th) until the beginning of graduation week in December (4th).

So, two weeks in Italy. What should I do there? Or rather, what should I do there with the friends who are giving consideration to coming with me (I have yet to discuss that with Brendan, we probably need to meet and discuss it in-depth)?

(Yes, it is rather early to be thinking about what to do there, but I have nothing interesting to update about at the moment.)

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Just a few ideas, anyway. Anyone who has had experience travelling in Italy may want to weigh in and warn me against/recommend a good plan of action. :)

Also....as soon as there's a torrent for that BBC Romantics program tomorrow, it's being downloaded. *rubs hands together*
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