December 10th, 2005


In which I talk about my existance as a geek

A day or two has passed since my last update, and I have my lovely Doctor Who box set. The fact that it's shaped like the TARDIS only serves to make me even more pleased, and is proof of how amused I am by the simple things in life. I'm hoping that mum will sit down with me and watch them sometime. She saw one or two episodes and didn't seem to hate them, so I'm optimistic! But I haven't got her to watch Casanova yet, so that's first.

Otherwise, I've been watching a load of British comedy. I was really happy to see My Family back on UKTV. Robert Lindsay, whee! Now if only they'd start repeating Hornblower (for the umpteenth time), because Pellew is 100% rawr.

And, there's not much else to tell. I've got a full day of work at Brackenridge on Monday (my first in a while). Dad's starting a new employee that day, and wants me to be there since he's off with Jess (the other girl I work with) to visit another TAFE for a few hours. So I'm happy, because that equals more money in the bank account, and remembering what I paid for the DW dvds, money is good. -_-; Considering what I've spent so far, I don't see myself making anymore big splurges over the Christmas break, unless it's for season 1 of House or the I, Claudius dvds in Borders (though I'm hoping that mum will have bought me either for Christmas).

For lack of anything better on at the moment, I'm watching Judge John Deed on Seven at the moment. And I honestly can't look at Martin Shaw as anyone else but nasty Chauvelin, let alone a polished judge. Think I may retire to bed and Isaac Asimov's 'I, Robot'.
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