June 16th, 2005


Layout stuff

Have done a rough new layout. Nothing special....just changed the colours and a few other little things. If I had more patience to do graphics, I really would (icons not withstanding). But anyway.

I love my new default. Love love love it. Honestly, who wouldn't want an iCicero? Carries over one thousand orations and philosophical writings. Just clip it to your belt and listen to some good old fashioned republican-style smackdowns on corrupt provincial governors.

I'd like to say I made this myself (and I have dabbled in Photoshop with the iPod-style silouette icon trend that's rampaging through livejournal right now), but it is pixelbee who created this and some other fantastic iPod-style numbers with famous figures from Classics and some lovely 'I, Claudius' icons.

So, that's my plug for tonight. Another day of study tomorrow.

Oh, and if anyone reading this right now (about 11:30 EST) lives on the east coast of Australia, go outside and check out the night sky. The closest point of light to the moon is the planet Jupiter. I went outside before to look before and it's quite visible (if you look for long enough it's kind of reddish). Not to mention the rest of the night sky is absolutely beautiful tonight, if you're living away from light pollution.
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