May 12th, 2004


Goddess, sing the wrath of Achilles!

Very excited about seeing Troy tomorrow night. Going to sit down and read The Iliad when I get home this afternoon to refresh my memory. ...Right after I do my Latin homework. >.<

Handed in my religion assignment and have made a tentative start on my 1500-word communication and culture essay. Got some books out but still have to do the most vital part of the essay...find two 2004 media articles on the subject of race. I think I'll probably do the Redfern riots or the torture of Iraqi prisoners. The latter one's probably the best bet since there's been so much media coverage.

University life at the moment is dull. I hate Wednesdays for all the free time I have. I can't even access AOL or MSN here to at least talk to people. :p Currently contenting myself by surfing around on Ebay for random things. I really want a copy of Pearl S. Buck's book 'Pavilion of Women' (I saw the movie and want to see if it's anything like the book).

And....that's about it. More updates when something exciting's happened. ^^
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