April 16th, 2004


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Blah....I went to work at the gift shop on Wednesday and caught one of my co-worker's colds. I'm sitting here sniffling into tissues and sneezing every two minutes. Not cool!

Saw two movies in the last few days. Starsky and Hutch yesterday and Secret Window on Tuesday. I wasn't too hot on Secret Window...it was a bit predictable, but it did have Johnny Depp, who did do an amazing job with his character and John Turturro, who gave an appropriately creepy performance.

Starsky and Hutch was funny as hell. Ben Stiller always tends to give good performances when he's playing straitlaced. Owen Wilson was also good, and I loved Will Ferrell's small (but memorable) role.

I went and saw Secret Window with a bunch of the other servers from the cathedral. And who would I see when we were at Subway having dinner? Paul, my ex. He marched straight past us loudly. He has not changed at all. I didn't even need to speak to him to know that. Uy...what was I on when I was with him?

Aside from that....all has been quiet on the western front. I'm going to let this cold run its course, and hope that I'm over it by the time I go back to uni on Monday.
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