March 4th, 2004


On the subject of university


I was determined to avoid disaster this year, considering last year's uni year began with me losing my ID card and then my student village room key.

Well, no disaster of that magnitude, but I have Latin homework and no textbooks. They're not coming for two weeks. Not good.

But's fun! UQ is beautiful. Sandstone buildings and cloisters to hide behind make me happy. Seeing lots of old friends from Stuartholme. Making and renewing acquaintances.

My lecturers are, for the most part, entertaining. My religious studies lecturer Doctor Marcotte has Elaine hair and a French accent. And later in the term when we study Judaism and Islam, we're getting a Rabbi and an Imam coming in to speak to us! Very cool.

Doctor Whitehorne is my ancient history lecturer. He's adorable in a cuddly academic way. He potters around the lecture theatre apologetically, muttering in his cockney accent about how the slide projector doesn't work. And the lecturer I'll have for the Mesopotamia part of the course is a bikie! Leather vests and huge beards and everything! Heehee.

Doctor Fitzgerald teaches communication and culture and is also British. Big, funny guy. He'll also be my tutor, which I'm very excited about. Whee!

And then there's Doctor Stevenson, my Latin lecturer. He can be a little drippy, but I'm just happy to hear someone prattling in Latin so I'm not complaining.

Anyway, oweing to the lack of Latin texts, I have to nip over to uni early to complete the homework and take care of some other little things.

Hope you are all well. :)
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