February 2nd, 2004


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Now that I've finished trawling through the friends entries made in my absence, it's update time!

Melbourne, as always, was a pleasure to visit. I hope I will be living there myself some day! Went shopping in Bridge road (bargains everywhere!) and now have a new pair of shoes and a new skirt. Visited St. Patrick's Cathedral (now my second spiritual haven of sorts) and St. Francis', where I managed to find an icon of St. Nicholas. Granted, Christmas is not for a looooong time now, but at least there'll be a little homage to our Dutch heritage next Christmas. ^_^ Also dropped by St. Paul's Anglican Cathedral and lit a candle on Steven's behalf.

Also found the book I'm giving to Steven! I gave him Machiavelli's The Prince last year, so I'm giving him The Art of War for his birthday, to continue his education in Medieval leadership. :D Badly wanted to buy him a bottle of Chianti that I saw in Lygon St. (Hannibal Lecter being his very favourite literary character), but I kind of ran out of time. But I did visit Brunetti, my favourite cafe and had strawberry cheesecake and hot chocolate this morning, which I would fly down alone for.

Oh, and of course, there was much family, it being my Aunty Paula's birthday an' all. Saw virtually everyone. My Aunty Muis, Uncle Menno, Uncle Jurgen, Uncle Hank, Uncle Peter and my numerous cousins and second cousins, some of whom I hadn't met prior to this visit. There was much kissing, hugging and exchanging of photos (the ones of my dad as a kid were just gorgeous, and the 70s ones a right laugh).

So all in all, just terrific. There'll likely be another family reunion next year for Aunty Muis' 70th birthday, so I'm really looking forward to that.

That said, it is good to be back in Brisbane, even if it is bucketing down rain (the weather in Melbourne was pretty miserable anyway :p). I've been reading The Name of the Rose on the flights there and back, and while it is very heavy reading laden with detail, I am quite enjoying it! Only about three hundred pages to go too. -.-;
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