January 6th, 2004


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Wow, I'm in a state of non-creative functioning again. This is seriously depressing stuff.

But on the upside, I am finally adjourning to Warwick to see Steven! And we're going to procrastinate work on our novel. Lug all my books on Neo-Classical art and Napoleonic Europe with me and my stuff on the Hermitage and Canova. This will be fun!

Russian Ark comes out on dvd tomorrow too. When I get back from Warwick I'm going to run off to Myers and see if it's there. *rejoices*

Oh, I got a call from Julie today too! That made me very happy. Good to know everyone is surviving in Toowoomba.

The first round of offers comes out next week. And I'm surprisingly very calm about it all...well, alot more calm than I was last year. Probably because my results at USQ were good this year and I'm a bit more optimistic this time around. Here's to hoping I can study in Brisbane!

Hm, what else.....I really want to see Cold Mountain. That'll probably have to wait until I get back from Warwick too.

Have yet more summer reading that I need to accomplish too.

By Design by Richard E. Grant
The Quiet American by Grahame Greene

The Power and the Glory by Grahame Greene
Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier
Master and Commander by Patrick O'Brian (in progress)
The Best of Father Brown by G.K. Chesterton (in progress)
Dead Souls by Ian Rankin (in progress)
Deception Point by Dan Brown
Angels and Demons by Dan Brown (eek, haven't even got it!)
The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco

Why do I set standards like this for myself? I really don't think I can make it through all of these books, though I read Quiet American in a day and a half. Ah, I'll just see how I go.

Also wanting to accomplish the following:

Dropping resumes off in hope of finding paying job.
Do something about getting my learners.
Think about Steven's birthday present.
Do a whole lot of other things that I can't remember at the moment.

Great agenda. I was so bored I just had to type it all out! mnnn.....

God, give me something to do! I'm going to go crazy otherwise. o_O;
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