June 12th, 2003


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Has been a good week thus far.

Friday 13th bash tomorrow night. Going as the Lady of the Lake. Oooh, I'm going to be so pretty. *_* Eheh.

What else....got my Islam and Jekyll and Hyde essays back. 75% on the former, 85% on the latter. Very proud of myself....sort. Just wish Professor French's marker (see, he can't do it for himself, he has trained monkeys doing it for him!) would say something positive about it. Bah, I know, I'm weak, can't stand any negative criticism. Oh well.

Got CMS back too, and did quite well on that. Even more proud. Professor Horsfield gave me a huge book titled 'The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Languages' for attending all my tuts and getting good results. Heh, how special do I feel now? ^^;

Oh, and it's most likely unanimous: Paul's a closeted gay. Bah, I wish he'd come out....too frustrating for words. :-p

Moony, that imposter of a girl claiming that she's going to be in Spider-Man 3 has updated. She's said alot of very absurd things. >_< I say we give her a good flaming for her and her Mary Sue ways.

But now? Now, I'm going back to the student village....to an evening of noodles and an episode of Charmed. -.-;

And....even though I've said it before...Happy Birthday Sevvie! Love you dear. ^^
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