June 9th, 2003


Update before I leave for uni

There is something extrodinarily scary about American film honchos wanting to turn Avril Lavigne's song Sk8er Boi into a film. Jesus....it's bad enough coming up with that ridiculous American Idol film in the states....

Anyway. I could rant more on this, but there are other people in the democracy of the internet who can do it better than I can (Maddy, I'm lookin' at you here...).

The BBQ yesterday went quite well. I learnt I can't play pool to save my life, and that my nephew likes looking through handbags. My wonderful older sister who I don't see nearly enough of gave me a gold cartouche as a birthday present. Cannot wait to wear it.

What else.....had nice loooong chat with Steven on Saturday night about the Friday 13th bash we're going to.

*whimper* He's going as a Catholic priest.....with the collar and the cassock and everything!

My God, my boyfriend must be psychic and has heard of my infatuation with them! This is terrific. I just about shrieked 'I love you!!' over the phone. We're going to have the best time...heehee. Only gets better...

Ian McKellan made a great appearance on Parkinson too. Showed off his fellowship tattoo....hehe.

Hrrm...I have to pack now. Much fun to be had there. Steven is coming over to my humble abode with champagne tonight to toast Queen Liz for her birthday. Times like this that I love living in this commonwealth country...

This week is going to be a better one than the last one. I'm sure of it.
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