June 6th, 2003


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The Jekyll and Hyde essay was handed in on Thursday. Now, I have exams to worry about! Whee!

But I'm going to relax a little more this weekend.....my older sister is down here for her yearly visit, and I really look forward to seeing her again.

What else.....Steven is a prince. He got me flowers on Wednesday! And they were my favourites, carnations. Yes, very sappy but very befitting for someone like him. Oh, and Sev? He says he'll let you be casting director of the BBC as long as you promise to cast Catherine Zeta Jones in something. Hehe.

Amy, I'll upload your new userpics tomorrow. You'll love them. :D

And.....yeah, that's it. Pete Postlethwaite is on The Fat tonight. What a legend. I must watch.
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