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I know that some other ljers have had minor quibbles about it, but I loved it myself. I thought that Billie Piper proved her acting talent as well- it was easily the best episode to showcase what she could do, her channelling of Cassandra was excellent and VERY amusing. David Tennant I love very much, of course. Ten is so wonderfully manic and full of whimsy. I keep thinking he'll whip out a recorder and play a little tune or two. ;) Props to his channelling of Cassandra too, it was brilliant.

In regards to felt a little scattered. I felt that the main premise of this episode was to further establish Ten's personality and how he operates, since he spent most of TCI passed out. And that's what it did. The cat nuns were kind of cool, and Cassandra was much fun. The little subplot with the Face of Boe was slightly disappointing, but the way I see it, it's going to be the new Bad Wolf, and we'll spend the whole series wondering what the prophecy is and whatnot. Did like the description of the Doctor as the 'lonely god'. Not sure if I like it as much as 'the oncoming storm', but that one probably describes Nine better than Ten.

In terms of sheer fangirl joy? David Tennant all soaked in the lift. And then the BLOW DRYING. windswept!Ten was brilliant. I need an icon of it, and I will be making one tomorrow.

Apart from that.....have yet to see/download Confidential, though I'm eager to. The Queen Victoria episode with werewolves and mad monks is next week, and I'm bouncing in my seat thinking of it. Ooooh, it's good to have the Doctor back!

I'm going to be sensible tomorrow and work on my assignments. Tomorrow night, I'm having a pre-birthday dinner with friends at Southbank (pre because I'm celebrating on the day with the parental unit). The 21st is supposed to be a special special birthday, but I can't see all the fuss. Will be nice to celebrate it, though.

Since Lent's over now, I went into Borders. Oh, how I missed thee! And the new Doctor Who novels were in, so I bought the Stone Rose, which is the one most of the Ten/Rose shippers have been discussing. Of course, I didn't buy it just for that....the fact that it's set in the Roman empire is an added bonus. :)

And, sadly, I bought Hotel Babylon, the book that is the basis for the tv show. Can't wait to read it, but I'm still rereading The Gun Seller at the moment, so it'll be a little bit of a wait. Last night's episode was not as good as the first two, but I still loved it because there was Dexter Fletcher and The Hair (tm dives), and it's still the silliest, most tacky thing that I've enjoyed watching. Rather like the show Las Vegas, except in Britain. But yes, so much love for that, I might have to buy the dvd when it comes out here.

On a finale note, I just spotted Jack Davenport's wife in Manchild. She's in Green Wing too, but I gave up on that show fairly early in the piece, since I was studying for Latin at the time it was on tv. Rather sad, but if anyone wants to put in a good word for it, I'll watch it again when UKTV decides to rerun it. :)

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