June 1st, 2002



I really need to see some of John Hurt's earlier work. I've seen him in a couple of films (Contact, Harry Potter) and I, Claudius but I need to see him in a role where he hasn't played a freakish Roman Emperor or a couple of wrinkly old guys. Something when he was still young, handsome and talented (not that he isn't talented now, but he isn't quite as attractive as he was back in the 70's).

Heehee, decided to surf around for Alan Cumming this afternoon while completing a bibliography for my much stressed over Ancient essay and discovered that he too has played a freakish Roman Emperor: Saturninus in Titus w. Anthony Hopkins.

Brilliant. I'm starting to have a thing for anyone remotely Roman. Pure coincidence my formal date's name is Antony and that I'm wearing a Graeco/Roman-style gown of course. I ended up reminiscing to myself over the truly God-awful production of Cleopatra starring the tempestuous Liz Taylor and Richard Burton.

Cleopatra: You will beg.
Antony: I will what?!
Cleopatra: On your knees.
(Antony complains and refuses to do this. Cleopatra rebukes him.)
Cleopatra: I asked it of Julius Caesar! I demand it of you!

Urgh, my Mum said I actually sounded like Liz Taylor after I said that once. Permit me to hang my head in shame.


Caroline, eat your heart out!

Derek Jacobi and Ian Richardson at the Sydney opening night of 'The Hollow Crown'

Derek and Ian at the premiere of their play in Sydney. A few days before this pic was taken, I was watching him onstage in Brisbane. Hurrah! How cool is that? Woo, I would've done anything to meet Derek. Then again, I'd probably lose it and faint or at least be speechless with awe if the opportunity did arise.

I was so psyched when I saw it. I mean, I was even more excited to see this than I was to see Destiny's Child in concert. I was truly acting my age that day.

And here's Donald Sinden performing.....er, is it a party trick? I don't know. One of my weird observations: Donald has very impressive eyerbows. They're so patrician-looking.

Donald Sinden, Diana Rigg, Ian Richardson and Derek Jacobi at the Sydney opening night of 'The Hollow Crown'

Credit to rexfeatures.com for the pics. I go there for all my fanciable blokes. ;-)

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I'm updating alot today, aren't I? Decided to get some other avatars. Found this one on corbis.com, looked Greek/Roman to me, so I decided to use it. I strongly suspect it's Cupid and Psyche.