April 27th, 2002


I'm the Green Faerie!

Actually I'm not, but never mind.

I fancy Elves.
King of the Elves, it can't get much better baby.
Which culture from Middle-Earth do you fancy?
By Hannah and Dani

Hurrah for that! I got to pick which Elf banner I could have. This be only the second time I haven't gotten Legolas for a LoTR quiz.

Thank God for weekends. I feel sick. My nose is blocked and I think I have the beginnings of a cold. Brilliant. I have to read at the Cathedral tomorrow too. I hope I can get better in time.
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Am currently watching Father Of the Bridge II. These later remakes aren't as good as the first, but Marty Short is too cute as the silly wedding/baby shower/interior planner-type.