April 22nd, 2002


Quiz Binge!

I am...

I'm DEATHSONG by Lady Feylene Snape!

Which Fanon Snape are YOU?

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What's your claim to fame?</a>

Argentinean: Nothing funny.....I just like talent.

<td></td><td width="400">
Ravenclaws value intellect -- you like things which challenge your mind, whether it be math, art, history, or all of the above and more! You might be somewhat withdrawn, or your intellect might make you a bit mysterious to others.
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My maths marks aren't exactly top-notch at the moment, but I do love history and other humanities subjects. Go me!

I've been waiting for a quiz like this to pop up. Am most certainly a wilting flower. Hurrah!

What is your meaning of life?

What can I say? Oh, one of the answers will be quite familiar to all readers of Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
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Maths assignments are fun. In about forty minutes I be going to interview priest in Cathedral. Am so sure I'll stuff up. Oh well.

(no subject)

I would be a cat!

Cat? I much rather be a Tiger......rah rah! Nah, kidding. Really. I'd rather be a cat.

Excuse me while I rant for a second or two.

Why the f*** do anti-virus programs intervene at exactly the moment that you don't want them to? They're so Goddamn annoying, ESP. Norton Crashguard. My computer just crashed before and I had just started some work on my English assignment on Jane Eyre when it went out. Stupid bastard. I don't feel like working on it now. I feel like doing something less stressing.

*rant over*

The priest interview was v. successful. Managed to retain journalistic persona and not appear to be too nervous. Just right.

The downside was walking to the bus stop (which is a good 15 min. walk away from the Cathedral offices) with my schoolbag that contained my v. heavy school books, the tape recorder for the interview, my PE uniform (I had fencing class today) and other stuff such as the two volumes of Greek myths that I was given for my birthday (I just had to show my Ancient History teacher!). Also, it was kinda warm and I was in my uniform, sweater, blazer and stockings (stop sniggering!). Next time I have to go into the city, I'm taking essentials only.

What else......Andrew gave me a lovely necklace for my birthday. It's kinda like a vine, with jewelled leaves. It's so nice I think I might wear it to my formal, even if it does sorta clash with my tiara. *sigh* Birthdays are lovely. You know, I was born on Marcus Aurelius' birthday? How cool is that?! I was born on the same day as a Roman Emperor. Go me!

Oh, all MR fans check this out! *snigger* I thought it was pretty funny.
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