April 9th, 2002


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If I lived in Middle-Earth, it would be in:
The Shire

The rolling green hills, the springtime weather, and especially being surrounded by the ones you love makes the Shire a comfortable area for you. You love being surrounded only by the ones you care about, and you only desire this in an environment that is vast and open to nature, unlike in the cities or the caves.

Cool! I get to live with the hobbits! Go me!
*sigh* Frasier was on last night. God, I love Niles. He is such a cutie, and so is David Hyde Pierce for that matter. Ah, I love it.......this is so much more better than Big Brother. Bliss.

Maybe this sounds a bit odd....

....but has anyone ever noticed how much Prince Charles looks like George VI? Ok, I might be a little off-kilter here, but I really believe that he looks like his Grandfather. Certainly doesn't bear that much resemblance to Phillip....anyway, I'm actually feeling a bit sorry for him. He looks like he's about to cry. Poor thing, he was very attached to his Grandmother as I understood. Actually, Viscount Linley (Princess Margaret's son for those of us not well acquainted with British Royalty) looks even worse. Can't blame him....he lost his Mum and his Grandmother within months of each other.