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Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet....
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
For all those interested, this be my report of yesterday afternoon and night's adventures.

4:15-5:00- Meet formal date with two friends (Naomi and Vivian) at Shingle Inn, turn-of-the-century cafe. V. successfull. Todd is everything they said he was. Totally charming, funny and quite good looking. He'll make a perfect formal date in Andrew's absence.

5:00-6:00- Utter chaos. Took the bus back to school with Naomi (Vivian went home), ran through the rain, managed to get up to boarding school without getting too wet. Found Jannike (the friend who came with me and sister to the concert) who was packing frantically. Naomi discovers she can come to the concert because of extra ticket held by another girl in the boarding house. Frantic racing around trying to arrange things. Finally got onto Mum, who'd been on the phone to her Aunt (weekly event that usually lasts three hours) and got her to come up. More frantic racing around and collecting of mobile numbers to arrange Naomi being able to come with us.

6:00-7:00-Got home. Jannike (who was staying overnight) went to get ready, Naomi and I had dinner. Nearly thought I'd lost tickets but found them. Dad drives us off to concert centre.

7:00-8:00-Drive to concert centre. Long line of cars waiting to get in. Put on Destiny's Child cd and annoy the crap out of Dad. When we finally got in and went through all the right doors, found out we got good seats. Hurrah!

8:00-9:00- Pre-entertainment, which were comprised rejects from the local version of Popstars, who were far more talented than the winners. Hmph, people just do not recognise good talent when they see it, do they? I think the couple in front of us actually went for a quickie while that was all going on. Lots of people there. I'd say half the girls in my grade were there

9:00-10:45- It begins! V. impressive. Destiny's Child are like Diana Ross and the Supremes for our generation. Flashy costumes and smooth harmonies all the way. Started off with 'Independant Women Part 1' and got everybody on their feet. I was hoarse and deafened by the end of the song. After some of their more fast-paced songs, they slowed down and did 'Emotion', their cover of the old Bee Gees song and a couple of other ballads. Each of the girls got their turn on the stage by themselves. Kelly did an old Motown cover, Michelle sang a song from her upcoming Gospel album and Beyonce gave us a little taste of her character in the upcoming Austin Powers film and sang this funky 70's track from the soundtrack. So essentially it was a plug for their individual projects. Then, they did 'Say My Name', 'Bootylicious' and did a bit of a riff on Michael Jackson's 'Billy Jean' and the finale was a medley of 'Survivor' and this other song. All in all, really cool, even though I was virtually deaf and mute by the end.

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Current Music: Reminiscing- Madison Avenue

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From: ex_blackbook758 Date: May 4th, 2002 09:21 am (UTC) (Link)

Sounds like a good day...

Many happy hugs for you! *hugs a-plenty*
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