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Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet....
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
Russell T. Davies not planning on bringing former incarnations of the Doctor back.

He has a point too with the 'actors parade' thing, dammit. But half the fun of those multiple doctor specials was seeing how the different incarnations interacted with each other (Pertwee and Troughton were fun to watch together)! Oh, well. RTD is bringing back old companions like Sarah-Jane and K-9, so that's good enough for me. Perhaps he can bring back Romana. Oooh, and the Master!

Current Mood: working studying *sigh*

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classics_lover From: classics_lover Date: April 12th, 2006 11:15 am (UTC) (Link)
You should see this week's Radio Times. Huge big Dr Who special, including a brief run through of each episode, and a lovely specially designed cover. And JackDav on the back page!!!!!!!
normandie_m From: normandie_m Date: April 12th, 2006 12:15 pm (UTC) (Link)
*squee!* Maybe one of the fangirls at tennant_love will scan the DW bits and post them. We are lacking in the Radio Times here in Australia, sadly.

JD must be promoting Mary Bryant, right? You're in for a treat, I can promise you. :D
classics_lover From: classics_lover Date: April 12th, 2006 01:08 pm (UTC) (Link)
You could take a look here, if you're interested.


I'm looking forward so much to Mary Bryant, it's going to make my weekend complete.
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