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Oooh, Hotel Babylon was good. It's a bloody shame it's on Nine though. If the ratings are poor, they'll probably either take it off the air completely or relegate it to an early morning timeslot. It should be on the ABC, dammit.

But yes, it was good enough to merit me making an icon (because Dexter Fletcher was the reason I watched it, I'll fully admit it). Which makes it Very Special. And an ever-so-slightly guilty in that I felt like I'd consumed the best dessert in the poshest restaurant after watching it. It's Guilty Indulgence tv, and I love it. And it so happened that there was an interview with the Rolling Stones afterwards, but it's just not enough to keep me awake at the moment.

I watched part of the National Geographic channel's special on the Gospel of Judas earlier. It's an interesting story, but importantly, not a new one. The idea of Judas being ordained to betray Jesus isn't a new concept. I do like the idea, though. It suggests that Judas loved his friend so much that he was prepared to go to hell for him. He understood better than any of the other disciples what Jesus had to do and why it was necessary for him to be betrayed. And while it's not a canonical text, I think the gospel could still grant valuable insight into a figure that's largely been slandered, and yet without him, there would not be Christianity as we know it.

It is indeed a very good time to be a religion major with an interest in early Christianity and its relationship to the Jews and polytheistic Romans . 8-)

No work tomorrow. What a luxury, to be able to sleep in.

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