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I think I spent ten minutes outside the HPRC office today reading and overanalysing my assignment. You should not be thinking about it, at that crucial point where you're about to hand it in! And I did, and ended up wondering if what I'd handed in was any good. It was within the word limit, the referencing and bibliography were fine, the layout/spelling/grammar were all correct. I think I made the points that I wanted to make about Jesus and Revelation. But will Rick get it? I hope so.

Two more essays after the break, a Latin mid-semester and a bit of translation homework to go. About two weeks until my birthday. Maybe I can pull the impossible off and get the essays finished before the 26th. Scrambling to get everything finished the night before is a more likely prospect however.

On the upside, I got The Barchester Chronicles on dvd. With a big picture of Alan Rickman on the cover! I plan on watching it this weekend when I'm not bent over my Latin text trying to differentiate gerunds from gerundives.

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