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Domitian says "Write your assignment, plebeian!"

Decided I'm going to up the ante on my essay and go for 1750-2000 words. I'm finding that I can't possibly cram everything I want to say into 1500. Current topic of essay research: links between David and Jesus as messiahs. Current word count: 1338

I hate this weather at the moment. The heat is disgusting, but we should be in for some really spectacular storms later. *glee* Only downside was, the storms messed up cable and therefore my recording of Manchild didn't work. ;p

Love the series two Doctor Who trailer. It's mainly David Tennant staring sexily into the camera and telling us that things will never be the same again if we travel with him. For a truly hilarious commentary on the said trailer, see nostalgia_lj's recap (thanks for the link, Sev!). Only ten days until the premiere! *squee!*

Nothing more constructive to say. Except that my new addiction to desktop Mah-Jong/Taipei is not good for my work ethic at all. You think Spider Solitaire and Minesweeper are the ruling games of procrastination? Taipei pwns them both.

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