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A Happy St. Pat's day to everyone who's Irish or Irish at heart. I did have a little glass of Bailey's earlier, but I honestly couldn't be bothered celebrating it seriously. However, I will use my smiley Peter O'Toole icon, just because.

I survived Latin again. I'm finding that an unsettling feeling of dread overcomes me right before the lesson. I'm completely overreacting of course, but I don't ever recall feeling this bloody nervous before. Damn you, Tacitus. Bring on more Virgil. I'm looking forward the second semester very much now. Libby, if you're reading this, two things: get well soon, and our mid-semester is actually scheduled on Good Friday. Oh, dear. Michael's e-mailed us asking for alternate times to sit the exam.

Before all that though, there are assignments to work on. I've decided on a more specific topic for my first essay on Revelation, largely how it is in part a Christian rebuke against Domitian and the imperial cult. There's a wealth of information to go on from that, so I should have no trouble getting to 1500 words.

Tommorrow, I'm going to see 'An Inspector Calls' with the family, and tomorrow night, I'm going out to dinner with pink_pantha for her 21st birthday. I expect at least until my birthday, I probably won't be going out much. I'd like to be on top of my assessment for this semester, and that means getting a start on everything early. Especially since I don't want to have assignment work on my birthday, and there are two essays due six days afterward.

Wow, I am going to have my work cut out for me. *puts head down and reads*

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