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Counting down to the mid-semester crisis...

I walked out of Latin this afternoon severely traumatized*. Michael, the lecturer, is very nice and rather good about making sure we know the material, but I was shaking in my boots when I had to translate, which I did not do particularly well at all, since my translation was so rough. Tacitean Latin is difficult, since he tends to omit finite verbs and other bits and pieces in the process of writing. It's not as daunting as I thought it would be, but I felt like a deer in front of headlights this afternoon. I will try and be prepared next Friday, and attempt to reconcile myself with doing literal translation rather than what sounds correct for this day and age.

The minor Tacitean trauma aside, it's been a lovely day to catch up with classmates from last year. It's been raining for about a week now, which is also quite pleasant, and has cooled down considerably, enough to wear a jacket and resume drinking hot tea. I will probably spend the weekend doing translation and considering a plan of action for essays for my religion/ancient history subjects. Libby also lent me a Ninth Doctor novel, which I will no doubt have fun reading!

I love Mr Eko already. He's like the Locke of the tail section survivors, only less philosophical and more making with the warrior-man aspect. Ana-Lucia just annoys me, and seems to answer every question with sarcasm. It's tolerable with Sawyer, but then he's acting like an ass at the moment too (oh okay, a bigger ass than usual, since he's been shot). And I haven't really formed an opinion on Libby, but she seems nice from what we saw of her in the past two weeks.

I'm liking the little scenes with Jin and Sun. Their portrayals are so subtle and understated and the actors probably deserve more accolades for it.

*May be slight exaggeration.

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