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Internet's back. Yay! I say that now, and in two minutes, it'll probably be dead again, since I tend to tempt fate like that. I hope not, though, because I have the Casanova outtakes downloading and it might take a little while (eep!).

I'm starting to find that I must have a bit of an audience outside of livejournal, especially among other UQ students and the like. This afternoon, I discovered that my religion lecturer for this semester has read my journal, after stumbling upon it online. So, if he is still reading it (I didn't think to ask how long ago he found it), I would like to say hello to Rick Strelan. And any other of my lecturers who may have found this oddity and wondered which one of his or her students was writing it. The strange thing is how comfortable I am with it. Four years ago, if one of my teachers had told me that they'd found my online journal, I might've had a minor freakout!

That said, I am thoroughly looking forward to doing more on the Jesus Cult (which was today's class). I like good meaty theological discussion (so long as it's civil and respectful, of course), and it appears there aren't any scary fundamentalists in our class (eg. that really offensive woman from Prophets last semester). I'm already thinking I'll do my first assignment on the book of Revelation, as there's an assignment in my Bible: Fact or Fiction class on it too. Because, in terms of semiotics, it's one of the most vivid examples of language and imagery in the bible.

And finally, because talking about uni all the time can be boring, here's some gratuitous Hugh Laurie picspam, as found and scanned from this month's InStyle (oh, and there's an article too, if you can tear your eyes away from him)! (Dialuppers, the images are kind of large, so consider yourself warned)

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