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Eleven days and counting.

Our phonelines are still dead. They came back briefly on Sunday afternoon, and then died again. Telstra were meant to come and fix things up yesterday, and I was forced to stay home so that the repairmen could come in and check things out. And did they come? Of course not, because that would be asking too much.

So, I came to uni an hour and a half(!) before my Roman Society and Civilisation lecture to hop on and see that nothing world-shaking has happened in my absence. I am back to studying for the year, and so far nothing of great importance has happened. Today is Ash Wednesday, and so I'll be off to mass later. Can't say I'm giving anything up that's particularly interesting. Chocolate and blowing money on books in Borders, Dymocks and any other bookshops. At the very least, it'll be good for my wallet. More money saved for Rome!

I'm thinking about seeing if I can hold dual citizenship of Australia and the Netherlands (which I can claim, since dad was born there), since I've been told it'll be easier for me to travel around in Europe with it. The Dutch auxiliary bishop knows the consulate-general(?) in Brisbane and has given me an address. So I may try and find time to do that soon.

There's not much else to tell, really. My lecture is in about forty minutes, so I might see if I can find the lecture room, and hopefully not get lost in the process.

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