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Our internet is still acting up. Telstra Guy apparently came today and fiddled around with the telegraph lines and whatnot, but there's still some work to be done. Still, it's working now, so I may update.

And speaking of updates, I love this new autosave feature. No more angst about updates being eaten!

Not much else to speak of, really. I polished off 'Master and Commander' today at work....I might go to the council library in the city on Friday and see if they have anymore of the Aubrey/Maturin novels. In the meantime, I started on 'A Teaspoon and an Open Mind'.

I'm serving at an ordination tomorrow night. My first, as a matter of fact, and probably the only one this year, if the dropping numbers of priestly vocations are anything to go by. I've served with the seminarian, and I daresay he probably needs to relax a little, but otherwise, he's pretty polished on liturgy and the like. In any case, I enjoy a bit of pomp and circumstance, so it should be a merry old time tomorrow night, if it doesn't get too hot inside the church.

Thank God I go back to uni on Monday....this update was just so boring. *falls over* You can all enjoy the pretty Eight icon and stumbled upon, though. The greenish tint and Paul McGann are so pretty.

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