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Might be of interest to HP fans...

The Black Family tree, as drawn by JK Rowling.

Or at least, part of it. But I do spy a Crouch, a Longbottom, a Bulstrode and a Potter on there. Fanficcers will have a field day with that, I'm sure. :)

Two days of book selling at Ithaca so far. I'm three quarters of the way through the Cicero biography, which is fantastic. Everitt's offering a very concise and comprehensive portrait of Cicero as a orator, statesman and philosopher. If the writing wasn't so prosaic, it'd probably be a good text to use as a secondary resource for a research essay.

I saw an IT student at Ithaca today with an 'O RLY?' shirt on. It made me smile. Internet fandom can be so funny, albeit in a stupid way. Otherwise, not a lot to report work-wise. I've been staring at the screen for five minutes actually wracking my brain for something interesting to mention. And I'm coming up blank. So I hope that you are all having a more exciting week than I am!

And so to bed, since I have a 6:30 start tomorrow and don't nod off at work (Which happened three times today. Yikes.).
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