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I have my books/and my poetry to protect me...

On Saturday I went and saw Brokeback Mountain with Jannike, since we hadn't seen each other for a few months. Beautiful, sad love story. Great cinematography, good soundtrack, and the actors all gave strong performances. Heath Ledger's performance is Oscar-worthy, but he probably won't win. Particularly if all the Oscar buzz about Phillip Seymour Hoffman's turn as Truman Capote is anything to go by.

After the film, we went into the valley to poke around the markets and watch the celebrations for Chinese New Year. We wanted to have Yum Cha, but the restaurant that we wanted to go to was buzzing with noise and full of people. So, we went to a smaller restaurant nearby and caught up over lunch. I looked longingly at some jade jewellery in a shop window but didn't buy anything, which was remarkably restrained of me.

And today....well, nothing much. Brendan and I discussed the Italy trip a bit further before mass. Another of the servers, Gus wants to go too. He's nice, but I'm not sure I could spend two weeks travelling with him because he annoys the heck out of me. One of those guys who feels compelled to turn everything into a joke and won't. Stop. Talking. Even during mass. One of these days, I'll turn around and say something a little stronger than just 'shhh!', I swear. At least Brendan's relatively sane. I share head server duties with him now, and I'm helping him with his Latin studies.

Ithaca. From tomorrow, I'm there for nine hours, four days a week for a month. Boredom reigns, and I plough through entire books in just a day and use up most of the battery charge in my iPod. It's not fun at all, but I will have an abundance of time to prepare for Latin (Decided to translate Horace. The dictionary I bought still doesn't cover half the vocabulary in the codex.), and I do have a nice long list of interesting books to read. So maybe it won't be quite so painful. Unless, of course, that older idiot who tried to hit on me last year is still working there. Here's to hoping he isn't.

One good thing happening this week? Season 2 of Lost starting on Thursday night (finally, we get to see what's in the damn hatch). And from next week, House is back as well. Excellent. Good tv eases the pain of boring days.

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