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This has turned up on my friends list twice already, and I thought I would link it for amritsar's benefit.

Interested in Firefly Season 2?

It helps with these sort of pushes to renew a cancelled series to be cautiously optimistic. On that note however, I haven't yet seen Serenity and don't know if a second series is needed (and have studiously avoided spoilers when I normally wouldn't bother). *hangs head in shame* The dvd's out on February 8 and I swear I will get it.

It was Australia Day today. In celebration of the anniversary of the Brits landing and establishing their penal colony, I spent most of the day reading Umberto Eco, sifting through credit receipts for dad and listening to Triple J's Hottest 100. It was a bit lacklustre this year, but I'm happy that Bernard Fanning got the number one spot.

In other exciting news, I found Ultraviolet in Dymocks the other day. Jack Davenport slaying vampires and Phillip from Play School as a Catholic priest. It's brilliant.

Also, tonight's episode of Teachers is fantastic. It's like Andrew Lincoln's return to the show increased the quality 200%. I'm going to be heavily disappointed when he leaves (and it looks like tonight's episode is his last. Damn.).

I got a letter from UQ yesterday with a brochure about modern language courses that run for about a semester. This would be perfect, considering I need to have a crash course in Italian before I go there, if only most of the classes didn't clash with my lectures or work. There are a load of other languages I wouldn't mind learning either (Arabic, Farsi, Dutch, Russian and Greek) that can't fit in my schedule as well. I may have to wait until summer semester 2006/7 to look at seriously learning another language. Bitterly disappointing.


I just looked up at the bookcase above the computer, and there was a copy of James Frey's 'A Million Little Pieces' there (I think it might've been a Christmas present for Maryke from Paula, our sister-in-law). I'm morbidly curious about this book, given all the recent furore of how much of it was true. Anyone read it and want to give me an assessment?

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